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Plato-famous Greek philosopher- has a famous allegory. The allegory of the cave says that, imagine some people are fastened with a chain inside a cave, they are sitting forward the cave’s walls , there are a fire outside the cave and some people and stuff are moving outside. The only things that cavemen watch are the shadows on the wall, they think the shadows are all the world. They will never experiencne real world, except who have this opportunity to come out of the cave! This allegory expresses that, this world with all inside is just a shadow of the reality! This is a really great concept, but by permission of Plato I want to use it for something else, about taste of foods and fruits in USA!! I think food materials in Us doesn’t have a really delicious taste, when you start eating ,it doesn’t have a good taste such as what I experience in Iran. The US is like Plato’s cave, fruits and foods are just a shadow of the real ones in Iran. American and also Iranian who used to eating American materials are inside the Plato’s cave! Some days ago I was eating some nuts, first I ate walnut, then the almond, and finally the hazelnut, all has the same taste!!! Can you believe me?? In Iran each of them has its own fantastic taste! Yeah you should be a real food lover to understand what I say! Maryam , Inside the Cave 26 th January 2012

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