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پنج‌شنبه 26 آبان‌ماه سال 1390 ساعت 02:02 ق.ظ

as clean as a new pin

A Non Resident Alien Writings


  • *You see so many junk papers in the US, some believe, this country is the emperor of junk, I can give you an example, every day when you open your post box, you receive so many papers such as advertisements, credit card suggestions and etc…. its really a waste of paper!

  • *I just started going to English Class, it’s really interesting for me, and my classmates are from China, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea. Our class is conversational base and all share their experiences, it’s really a cool class.

  • * Insurance fees and cure costs are so badly, so you learn to take care of yourself much more, you learn to exercise, you learn to brush your teeth more than 3 times a day, yeah its really expensive!!

  • *I had a problem, so I had to go to a Health Center, the center was as clean as a new pin, the personnel and nurses were as precise as a surgeon and the costs were as high as a kite!!

  • Maryam-16th November