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susie home maker

Hi  again to all my friends:

*I should confess that before coming to US ,I thought I know English, but now I don’t understand much things, they speak fast and really fluent with Midwest accent, so communicating with Americans is one way for learning English:
*I went to Missouri anthropology museum ,they gave me a tour ,I just got some little points of people who were showing us the museum ,but I behaved like a smart girl, who understand word by word , shaking my head and the poor tour leader like a teacher who look at studious students much more , , just looked at me!!

*there was a program in Women Center ,for women in university to knit, yeah women gathered together and knit, I was really surprised ! because  I couldn’t say some simple words,  I wanna teach one of them about Persian cooking “lobia polo” but unfortunately I couldn’t translate some simple words…… of course don’t become so hopeless, I learned one word Jthey use it a lot its: wow again wowww and again wowww ……

*there is a famous sentence in this town,they say if you are bored with the weather just wait five minutes,yeah the weather is really changeable,now its raining, fifteen minutes later it becomes sunny and so warm,two hours after that it becomes windy and it continues…….
Susie home maker:D big grin
Maryam.7th November