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from this side of the world

  • *I used to watch European media (TV channels) some years a go, and nowadays if I find any spare time I will watch American media. I believe TV in America is much more moral than Europe, European media show everything, but American channels seems to be family based. In a general view they look more religious and moral.

  • *when you live in your motherland, you think about people around the world, how they live, communicate, feel, love……. but after living among them, you see wow they more or less are like you, with the same feelings, lovemaking, friendship, stresses, entertainments and etc. Of course there are some real differences especially in culture and customs. But in subjects that are directly related to the human being’s nature, they are the same.

  • *I found a really likable magazine. It is “Readers Digest” I remember when I was in Iran, our teachers in Iran language Institute suggested us to read it, now I have this opportunity.

  • *Being a housewife is a really new experience for m. I never thought how many works you have to do as a housewife, I am not grumbling at all, I just want to say it is a job by itself. You have to do so many things: cooking food, making jam and cake, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, checking everything to be in the right way, ironing, sweeping and…….

  • Maryam December 14th

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Documentary Films

Documentary Films’ Week

Last week, I watched some documentary films about USA, They were:

1- Wal-Mart, The high cost of low price…

It is about Wal-Mart as a retailer company, which produces goods in China because of cheap price of worker! In fact, they  exploit unfairly both Chinese workers  because they are paid low salary and suffer poor work condition and also Americans because low quality products.

2- Supersize me……..

It is about a man who wants to show the harmfull effects of eating fast-food and the low quality of Mc Donald’s. So he starts eating Mc Donalds’ food, 3 meals a day for a month. Before starting this dangerous project, he takes some medical examinations, which show his complete health. However, after 1 month, Guess what happened to him……

3-Food INC…..

It’s a film about food industry in USA, which includes Meat, Milk, Corn and Chicken. The movie concludes that the processed food, as a result of today’s food industry, is badly unhealthy, compared with the one produced by farmers.


Maryam “the Non-resident Alien”

December 7th, 2011



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 Amish are a group of Christians who have a special life style, they don’t use Electricity, car or phone. They have their own society, school, church and etc.

 Their history belonged to nearly 4oo years ago, they were followers of a man, whose name was Ammann, they were European who lived in some areas of Netherland and Germany, but they immigrated to the US, so you see more than 100,000 Amish in different parts of US. Their children speak Germany before going to school, but at school they learn English .

  My friends and I had this opportunity to visit them, they have their own vehicles which is nice carts (wagons). They are farmers who make their cloths, teach their students and having a really peaceful life. They kindly accept us in their houses and showed us the way they live.

 The family which accepted us had 6 beautiful daughters, I told their Mom, what a cute girls you have. ”God created them to this beauty, we should thank God” the mom answered.

 They mostly don’t like taking photos of their faces, they believe it is a kind of worship, in addition to this; their children’s dull don’t have any faces!

I think Amish farmers’ life was full of joy, love and peace.  

Maryam-23th NOVEMBER