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that's not espeak!

  • Writing from Midwest in US or Tehran, No difference..

  • *I watched two films that were sad enough to make me down, but I suggest watching it especially to whom don’t live in the US: “American beauty” (1999) and “revolutionary road” (2008).

  • *In Iran women usually clean facial hair by going to a barber, who uses sewing cotton for removing hair. I did it for two American women and you can’t imagine how surprised they became!!

  • *I have just started reading English novels, the first one was “the Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho and the other one which I am at the beginning of is “the housekeeper and the professor”, by Yoko Ogawa.

  • *One of our Iranian friends had gone to San Francisco for vacation, I asked him how there was? “ it’s really just like Tehran except it has a really good weather.” He answered.

  • *We have a really nice Iranian friend who lives in US more than 3o years. He has a teenager whose name is Ali. Whenever Ali speaks I hardly understand because he speaks really fluent and fast. Whenever I start speaking he starts correcting me: Maryam that’s not Espeak, that’s speak!!! That’s not Espend, that’s spend.
  • Maryam-6th January 2012