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nonresident alien

And now its time for writing,my husband suggests me to write in English and I accept. pls don’t accuse me to forget parsi language or sth like that,it really helps my english skills.

ok because its long time no writing I pointed some interesting ones:

1- go to the movies and watch” ye habbe ghand” it’s a real image of Iranian culture.

2- I am in the USA ,its really hard to leave your family,but its life, when my family ,relatives and I were going towards imam airport ,I was crying and so sad ,but all the other cars that were coming with us, start horning !!! yeah they believed  we are taking a bride to the airport ,its time for happiness ,it makes me really happy.

3-during my flights towards US, I was surprised with flight attendants ,I think, most flight attendants in Iran are young ,but in klm(Netherlands) and delta(USA) airways,I saw such middle aged or better to say old ones who were serving us, one of them was just like my grandma!!

4-in USA airways , free shopping is so usuall, it was laughing for me.we don’t have such a thing in Iran.for example after serving, flight attendants take sth in their hands sth like a dull, magazine or drink , move around the plane and say free shopping……..free shopping…………….!!!!!

5-while I was in a plane from Memphis to Missouri CO, they announced that if one of the passengers do a favor for them they would be appreciate, they offered if one of the passengers leave the plane,they will give her or him 300 dollars and a night hotel and tomorrow night he could take this flight. flight attendant says: one night vacation in Memphis, a passenger says sth like: in Paris ,flight attendant says : in paris??? The passenger answered: no  a pair of us! and all starts laughing and finally one lady accepts this offer and the plane took off!

6- my first experience while I was crossing the street was interesting. the street was not crowded at all, and my husband and I were crossing,suddenly I saw two cars one in right side and another in the left side, stopped in 4 meters far from us, yeah they were stopping for us, wow we never have sth like it in Iran ,they really respect passengers.

7- I went to a bank for opening a checking account. after 5 minute the bank clerk showed me some papers about Iran sanctions ,and said you are non resident alien we could not open an account for you!!!

Non resident alien
1st November