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step by step to approach God

  •   I grew up in a religious family, since I can remember all my family prayed GOD 3 times a day. During all school years we passed so many courses about religion. Now you can understand the situation - which I want to speak about- a little bit better:
I was walking with a Chinese girl, we were chatting. our conversation went toward religious concepts, she said :“All holly books are just sweet stories, God doesn’t exist”. I was shocked !!! ” No God exists, and the holly books are not just stories they are God’s speech” I said. And she laughed…….
Perhaps she needs “step by step to approach God” book.J
·  There is a difference between Iran’s young generation and America’s youth! Iranians are always complaining, they say:” we don’t have this, we don’t have that, we don’t have enough facilities to enjoy life, and we have no way to spend our free time? “

I live in a really small town in the US, I explain how young American spend their spare time:

1-they go to the movie theaters.
2-whenever the temperature rises a little, they come out of their houses and start playing outdoors!
3-They exercise, no matter how fat or skinny they are, they work out as an enjoyable activity.
4-they go to restaurants.
5-They do so many volunteering activities!
6- They read books.

Yeah they enjoy what they have, even in a small college town………J
Maryam 5th March 2012

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watching a movie!

  • ·       There is a huge difference between my husband and I in watching movies. Watching movie for me is fun. I watch films while I am talking on the phone. I watch films while I go to the kitchen and start washing the dishes; of course I listen to the movie’s dialog! I watch movie while in the middle, I go to the restroom without pausing it, after 10 minutes I comeback to see the next parts! And honestly sometimes in the middle of a film, I take a nap !!  Watching a movie lulls me to sleep.
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  • ·       But my husband is extremely different. Watching movies for him is not just fun. When he is watching, He seems as serious as an owl! He gives all his six senses to the movie! He can’t talk on the phone while he is watching a movie. He can’t do anything else except watch. If he has to do anything else such as going to the restroom, he pauses the film. Now imagine him and I wanting to watch a movie together… :)))

  • ·       Maryam 21st February, 2012