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 Amish are a group of Christians who have a special life style, they don’t use Electricity, car or phone. They have their own society, school, church and etc.

 Their history belonged to nearly 4oo years ago, they were followers of a man, whose name was Ammann, they were European who lived in some areas of Netherland and Germany, but they immigrated to the US, so you see more than 100,000 Amish in different parts of US. Their children speak Germany before going to school, but at school they learn English .

  My friends and I had this opportunity to visit them, they have their own vehicles which is nice carts (wagons). They are farmers who make their cloths, teach their students and having a really peaceful life. They kindly accept us in their houses and showed us the way they live.

 The family which accepted us had 6 beautiful daughters, I told their Mom, what a cute girls you have. ”God created them to this beauty, we should thank God” the mom answered.

 They mostly don’t like taking photos of their faces, they believe it is a kind of worship, in addition to this; their children’s dull don’t have any faces!

I think Amish farmers’ life was full of joy, love and peace.  

Maryam-23th NOVEMBER 

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as clean as a new pin

A Non Resident Alien Writings


  • *You see so many junk papers in the US, some believe, this country is the emperor of junk, I can give you an example, every day when you open your post box, you receive so many papers such as advertisements, credit card suggestions and etc…. its really a waste of paper!

  • *I just started going to English Class, it’s really interesting for me, and my classmates are from China, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea. Our class is conversational base and all share their experiences, it’s really a cool class.

  • * Insurance fees and cure costs are so badly, so you learn to take care of yourself much more, you learn to exercise, you learn to brush your teeth more than 3 times a day, yeah its really expensive!!

  • *I had a problem, so I had to go to a Health Center, the center was as clean as a new pin, the personnel and nurses were as precise as a surgeon and the costs were as high as a kite!!

  • Maryam-16th November


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susie home maker

Hi  again to all my friends:

*I should confess that before coming to US ,I thought I know English, but now I don’t understand much things, they speak fast and really fluent with Midwest accent, so communicating with Americans is one way for learning English:
*I went to Missouri anthropology museum ,they gave me a tour ,I just got some little points of people who were showing us the museum ,but I behaved like a smart girl, who understand word by word , shaking my head and the poor tour leader like a teacher who look at studious students much more , , just looked at me!!

*there was a program in Women Center ,for women in university to knit, yeah women gathered together and knit, I was really surprised ! because  I couldn’t say some simple words,  I wanna teach one of them about Persian cooking “lobia polo” but unfortunately I couldn’t translate some simple words…… of course don’t become so hopeless, I learned one word Jthey use it a lot its: wow again wowww and again wowww ……

*there is a famous sentence in this town,they say if you are bored with the weather just wait five minutes,yeah the weather is really changeable,now its raining, fifteen minutes later it becomes sunny and so warm,two hours after that it becomes windy and it continues…….
Susie home maker:D big grin
Maryam.7th November

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