+ Are you a Ninja?
*I go to swimming pool and I wear an Islamic swim wear! I was in steam sauna, suddenly I heard someone’s whispering! There was a boy whom came besides me and asked me: ” Are you a Ninja ?” : )) I started laughing and answered him: “ Noooo”. Of course I explained him about my religion! *There is a department store in the US which is known as Salvation Army. People donate some extra stuff that don’t use anymore to the Salvation Army and the store sells those by a low price and set aside 80% of the purchases for poor people. There is a special aisle that sells some video tapes and CDs. I was amazed by enormous number of work out movies! Do you know why?? It looks like some People didn’t achieve their dreams or they didn’t have what it takes!! So they donated work out CD hopelessly to the salvation army. *One of the programs that universities in the US run for informing students is “love your body”. This include seminars and films about body and fighting with anorexia. It tries to change American students’ attitude about their body. Sometimes I feel sorry for Iranian girls who just want to be fashion and skinny and there is not any program to get them informed of what is waiting for them…….Anorexia. Maryam 5th Aprill 2012

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