+ step by step to approach God
I grew up in a religious family, since I can remember all my family prayed GOD 3 times a day. During all school years we passed so many courses about religion. Now you can understand the situation - which I want to speak about- a little bit better: I was walking with a Chinese girl, we were chatting. our conversation went toward religious concepts, she said :“All holly books are just sweet stories, God doesn’t exist”. I was shocked !!! ” No God exists, and the holly books are not just stories they are God’s speech” I said. And she laughed……. Perhaps she needs “step by step to approach God” book. J · There is a difference between Iran’s young generation and America’s youth! Iranians are always complaining, they say:” we don’t have this, we don’t have that, we don’t have enough facilities to enjoy life, and we have no way to spend our free time? “ I live in a really small town in the US, I explain how young American spend their spare time: 1-they go to the movie theaters. 2-whenever the temperature rises a little, they come out of their houses and start playing outdoors! 3-They exercise, no matter how fat or skinny they are, they work out as an enjoyable activity. 4-they go to restaurants. 5-They do so many volunteering activities! 6- They read books. Yeah they enjoy what they have, even in a small college town……… J Maryam 5 th March 2012

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