+ the real housewives!
The real housewives of ……… There are a famous program on one of American channels about fabulously rich housewives of some cities in the US. It’s a kind of reality program showing their lifestyle, relationships, entertainments, shopping habits, travels etc. It’s fun for me to watch these rich housewives’ life. Their life is extremely luxury! They travel all around the world, bye whatever they want. They have biggest castles on the best US neighborhoods and so on…. They pretend of being real housewives but I know they’re not!! DO you want to know who the real housewives are? Continue reading ,I will answer this question: There is a housewife who sells all her bracelets to pay her son’s university costs. There is a housewife who helps her husbands in building their house by putting bricks on bricks . There is a woman who is called a housewife, not as a positive sense but as a negative sense - as a person with no job-yeah this real housewife every morning wakes up at 5 am in order to bye fresh bread and prepare a really warm breakfast table for her family! There is a housewife who cooks the most delicious foods in the world! There is a housewife who always has an open hug even to whom that are angry, rude and impolite to her! There is a housewife who never had a really interesting travel, she never knows anything about expensive brands but she knows everything about her children just by looking at their eyes. There is a housewife who presents his boy’s life as a martyr to his country. There is a housewife who is taking care of her handicapped husband for more than 30 years. There is a housewife who is………………. Yeah these are the real housewives of my country IRAN. Maryam-hoping tobe a real housewife 6 th February 2012

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