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Documentary Films’ Week Last week, I watched some documentary films about USA, They were: 1- Wal-Mart, The high cost of low price… It is about Wal-Mart as a retailer company, which produces goods in China because of cheap price of worker! In fact, they exploit unfairly both Chinese workers because they are paid low salary and suffer poor work condition and also Americans because low quality products. 2- Supersize me…….. It is about a man who wants to show the harmfull effects of eating fast-food and the low quality of Mc Donald’s. So he starts eating Mc Donalds’ food, 3 meals a day for a month. Before starting this dangerous project, he takes some medical examinations, which show his complete health. However, after 1 month, Guess what happened to him…… 3-Food INC….. It’s a film about food industry in USA, which includes Meat, Milk, Corn and Chicken. The movie concludes that the processed food, as a result of today’s food industry, is badly unhealthy, compared with the one produced by farmers. Maryam “the Non-resident Alien” December 7 th , 2011

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